Remade text (2017):

Hello guys, it's the CEO of RCT Games (RCTeam) here.

I'm gonna tell you how I came up with the idea of GCA (Grand Cops Auto).

It was a normal day, well I just bought GTA V for XBOX 360. While I had nothing to do in my hotel in Gothemburg. I came up with this idea. I made this game called Grand Cops Auto, or GCA for short. It took me an hour to make it work. There were many bugs. The error was caused by the second player. I also removed one car and made a win/lose room. Not that much, but it worked better than before.

Original text (2014):

Hey it´s RCTEAM chef here,

I´m gonna tell how i got the idéa of GCA!

It was a normal day (okey, i got GTA V), i was in Gothemburg on the hotel and then the idéa came up, i make a game called Grand Cops Auto (or GCA) i took 1 hour for it to work, many errors i say, it was 2 player, removed i next update, 2 cars, one car removed i next update, and the win / lose room, not that much and i worked well!

Note: I was 12 when I wrote the 2014 one... don't judge me.